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Experience the timeless elegance of croquet, where tradition meets friendly competition.

About Sawtell Croquet Club

Sawtell Croquet Club is located within the Sawtell Caravan Park on Lyons Rd, Sawtell, and is owned by the Coffs Harbour Council.

The club has three professionally maintained lawns, a clubhouse, and storage facilities. It was founded in 1948 and currently has approximately 100 members who use the courts for social and competitive play six days a week.

The club welcomes and encourages new players to join.

Sawtell Club is an active club which offers members lessons, and coaching in Golf, Ricochet, and Association Croquet.

Sawtell Croquet Club Inc. Playing Times

ACA Affiliated Visitors Welcome

CLUB FEES: Club Members $7 per day, Visitors $10 per day.

What is Croquet?

Croquet is a sport which has been around in various formats since the 1850’s, and involves using mallets and balls on a grass court.

Croquet can be played as singles or doubles. The object of the game is to get both balls of your side through a series of hoops in order. There are several codes of Croquet; Golf Croquet, Ricochet, and Association, are all played at Sawtell Croquet Club.

Although it may look complicated, a few practice sessions would have you actively involved in the game.

Croquet is suitable for players of all ages, from 9 to 100 years young, and can be enjoyed equally by men and women. It provides moderate levels of physical exercise and mental stimulation in the fresh air. Players will develop skills in hitting the ball, running hoops, and using tactics to outwit the opposition. Croquet can be a competitive sport, as each team aims to win more hoops than their opponent.

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Sawtell Croquet Club is located inside the Sawtell Caravan Park. All club enquiries are welcome.

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