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This page contains links to resources that may be of interest to both new and experienced croquet players. Click one of the below links to jump to a section.

Looking for our club Constitution and By Laws? Visit the Governance page to view these documents.

State and National Associations

Croquet NSW

There are nearly 70 croquet clubs across NSW and the ACT with over 3000 playing members.

Australian Croquet Association

Provides the framework, policies and procedures for associations and competitions in Australia.

Croquet Scores

Where you can find updated scores of tournaments around the world, including those held at Sawtell Croquet Club.

Croquet Players Handicaps

List of Croquet NSW registered players handicaps across the various codes.

Rules and Laws for Croquet

Coaching Videos and Resources

Running a Hoop

Have you run the hoop? The diagrams below illustrate how to decide if a hoop has been run.

Golf Croquet: Double Taps
Croquet: Double Taps
Hoop Approach Strokes
Crush Strokes
Croquet: Hammer Strokes
Croquet: Hoop Shots
Ricochet: Risk and Reward

Keep an eye out for more coaching videos and tips from Sawtell Croquet Club!

External Coaching Links

Coaching resources: All Codes

Coaching and playing tips on all codes from Taunton Deane Croquet Club in England.

Association Croquet

A complete introduction to Association Rules croquet, from an absolute beginner to a top player, from Oxford Croquet.

Magic Aiming Point

Learn about the “Magic Spot” aiming method with this handy guide from Croquet NSW.

Coaching Videos & tutorials

Toronto Club NSW has an excellent array of resources. Look under their Playing Help tab for coaching tips & videos.

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